Coastal City

Coastal City is a game where you can build your own city and earn real money every day. It gives you the oportunity to have your own virtual real estate.

Join and you will get 5000 Sliver Coins to build your first house and start earning immediately. The great thing about Coastal City is there referral program this is the way to get a big passive salary with no money out of your own pocket.

The referral program has a 3-level system. You get a share of the deposits of your referrals, all the profit goes to Gold (for withdrawal).

Coastal City Important Tips

1 Most important get Referrals use this link to join
2 Look at the profits a building brings before buying
3 Making a improvement to something you allready bought could be better than bying a new building.
4 Use Payeer for your payouts it has very low fee use this link to join
5 Claim your bonus every 24 hours when previous players got a low Bonus then it is time to Claim yours
6 Use Clasic Surfing and Auto Surfing to earn extra money
7 Always Exchange Gold for Silver because you get 2% Extra so do not use Gold to Improve your Buildings
8 Do TASKS to earn extra money
9 Do not buy a lot of small buildings, if you have to free up space you only get half of the money you paid for the buildings and the upgrade you did.
10 When you Withdraw check to see if less gold pays the same ammount example does 2500 pays the same as 2533.

To unlock withdrawals

Complete one of these conditions…
– Make a deposit of minimum $1
– Refer a friend that make a deposit of minimum $1
– Earn 2000 gold from surfing ads

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