Dualmine is a Cloud Mining company it is possible to mine the following crypto currencies Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dash, Dogecoin, Zcash, Monero and there own coin Cryptonits. Dualmine is online since 2018 and has developed many projects since.


Estimated profit 9,55$ after 2 years it depends on the coin price

1000 DogeCoin Contract Bonus Requirements become my referral at Dualmine get free 100GH/s Hash Power from Dualmine and buy any 10$ minimum contract.The best thing to do is wait for a Promotion before buying a contract. Then go to my website and leave a comment “Joined with your Login name you used for DualMine ” at the bottom of the page. I will send you a e-mail with instructions as soon as possible.

Dashboard page shows the live counters for every coin you mine
Profile page gives you the option to provide and change your wallet address and to change your password or enable extra 2FA security
Profits page shows your current estimated profit you wil make for every coin you mine

Dualmine gets great reviews on TrustPilot and the company claimed the website a very possitive thing.

Lots of reviews from people that are happy with the Cloud Mining Service

When you make a withdraw be very sure about it. Because when you cancel you must wait three days before you can make your next withdraw.

Reinvestment dualmine gives you the option to reinvest your earnings for more haspower instead of paying out. I use this option only when they have a promotion it is a very nice feature.

Dualmine other projects are :

Dualex wich is a anonymous and secure crypto exchange without registration

Programs you can join to get a BONUS are CryptoHands, DualMine, Forsage, FreeBitcoin and Million Money.

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