Million Money

Million Money works with a Smart Contract it is the fastest, easiest and risk-free way to earn 1500 Ethereum every 100 days.

It is impossible to lose money activate your contract with only 5$.

You can pay with Trustwallet (Iphone or Android application) or MetaMask (Browser Extension and Iphone or Android application).

1500 ETH in 100 days

Where to begin?

If you follow simple recommendations, you can reach a steady income of about 1,500 ETH every 100 days. Yes, it will require your efforts, but for most it is a very exciting and not at all boring process!


“Time is money”

Allow yourself no more than 3 days to invite 2 or more partners to the project with which you will continue to work and interact. Choose partners with whom you will be comfortable going to a common goal. Study the project and its advantages (use open sources) so that your competence does not fail you. It is important that partners also follow these recommendations!


“Always one step ahead”

Do not allow you to be at the same level that any of your partners are already at. Know that you are an example for your team! Accept this responsibility and be the right guide to success!


“Take action now!”

Start building your business today, pay more attention to it now, so that in a few months you can realize that you have created reliable support for years to come! Confidence in the future gives us a smart contract, which is a strong foundation for both the project and our entire community.

Programs you can join to get a BONUS are DualMine, Forsage, FreeBitcoin.

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